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The League Is Dead...Long Live The Bat
I'd seen what I assumed to be art for one of the New 52 comics of Batman sitting in the cave looking triumphant...with trophies from the JLA on him like medals and thought how wonderfully dark and Shakespearean the image was. It evokes that notion of how far Batman has come from being one of the JLA's pre-eminent team players to a lone nut outsider capable of doing just about anything to get rid of the JLA if any one of them should go rogue.

There were two versions of this that I had shot, one that was a little brighter and then this one. I of course preferred the darker version more, as there was something vaguely similar to Shakespeare's plays King Lear or Richard III that spoke to me after shooting editing was complete. I tried to include things from the core JLA that would be seen, but technically you only get five out of six here. Who's missing? Martian Manhunter, as I could not get J'onn's harness off his figure for this shot.
Of the recent pictures I've taken this is the one I'm most proud of in terms overall execution of the idea, the story its telling, lighting, and even composition. I originally didn't have any major plans to do another '66 Batman photo until I was trying one day to take a picture outside my car while I was driving. Hazardous, I know. The attempts at capturing motion led me to do some research on slower shutter speeds (which I've done in the past with the Flash figures) but instead of moving the figures in the foreground, I thought why not move the background to create the simulation of motion? It also helped that the original wave of Batman and Robin did come with wires in their capes (the playset they were included in was a recreation of their famous wall crawl so it would look like their capes would be dangling) and decided that that would work excellently to my advantage at creating movement. A Dick Tracy car and a dutch tilt later, we have a finished photo.
Surgical Strike
I had actually finished this around a month ago, I just never got around to posting it here for no other reason than sincere laziness. 

I remember how I had spent November 2015 doing my "Bat-Vember" daily photo challenge, posting one Batman photo for the month across 30 days...30 Batman related pieces essentially and I recall how I never did really a thing for "The Dark Knight Returns". The iconic story by Frank Miller, of a dystopian DC Universe, is still rightly hailed as an achievement all these years later and even got a critically acclaimed animated adaptation, with Peter Weller ("Robocop") supplying the aged Batman's voice. But in a series built on moments upon moments and memorable as they are, it'd be hard to argue that among them the famous second battle with the Mutant Leader in Book 3 isn't a Top 10, maybe even a Top 5 iconic moment not just in the story but also among comics.  The line..."This isn't a's an operating table..." you can just quote daily to sound like a Johnny Badass. 
Fighting For The Dream
The idea for this one was born mostly out of an offhand comment in reaction to what's been going on here in the US since the middle of last year: "Where's Captain America?" It could be construed as a joke and it sounds funny, but its kind of true when one thinks that the core beliefs of that flag and what kind of character Cap is and what he fought for have gotten to the point where there's no way back. 

I wanted a battle idea, something that would be decent and pure...something that would be thought provoking of the kind of man Captain America is. After all...a name like that, what does he represent? Freedom from oppression...the belief that anyone can be successful with the right hard work and ideals...that anyone from off the boat in Ellis Island could be the next millionaire or Senator...that the U.S. of A isn't a country built on tyranny or injustice...and the belief that we're not this and we're not that...that labels can be rejected and differences can be accepted because of that one simple truth, namely we're all the same: American...and that as Americans that it takes a lot of bravery to go out and be a voice against wrongdoing when it arises. So coming up with this, I wanted it to represent a man, yes hopped up on the ultimate steroid thanks to the Super Soldier formula but a man who didn't have to go through what he did, going out in a ridiculous costume, armed with a shield, a couple of guns, and his wits, and fighting for that dream, of that sincere belief that you can have an opinion, that you can make changes, than you can be better than what you are...that you can be great without having someone tell you that you can be.
Forever The Knight
I was inspired to do this image after I had seen a teaser of Ben Affleck set against the Batmobile as a teaser to the upcoming Justice League movie as part of Warner's DC Extended Universe. But as I sit and think I don't know for sure if it was just another alternate image from the previous Batman V Superman movie. Could have been, judging by the pose being similar to that earlier one that elicited such excitement.

I wanted this one to be kind of a twist, in that the dark, purple colors are a subtle nod to the first Batman NES game released in conjunction with Tim Burton's movie in 1989. As well, that is not any of the figures released of Ben Affleck's Batman, but rather using Mattel's Arkham Origins figure, as I liked the way the cape flayed out and the way the worn look of the design reflected in the dark.


Journal Entry: Fri Mar 11, 2016, 10:36 PM

I've been pulling down 15 hour days at my job currently, which has taken me out of the still life game for a minute. Sucks, but one has to make that money somehow.

Til then, I hope all my friends and watchers have been good and stay that way!

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DC Question: If Eobard Thawne had successfully gone back in time (to a time period where in Barry Allen, The Flash, was still alive), met the Flash during his first year as a super hero, introduced himself to his idol (without letting him know of any of the unpleasant details of his own life) and, afterwards, asked the Scarlet Speedster if he can be his partner, what would Barry's respond be? Note: This could take place in any DC continuity.
Batced Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
Without knowledge of what Eobard Thawne would be? Barry Allen might have taken him on. But you also have to consider if Thawne has his own speed powers to encourage Barry to accept him as a partner and too it would have to be an Eobard Thawne that might not know as well any of their unpleasant history. So really I think Barry would have taken him as a partner and would have welcomed it.
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